Born 1991, Dover, Ohio 
Lives & works in Cincinnati, Ohio

Artist Statement
My work details my contemplations on the subjectivity of reality. The nature of a physical painting which is rendered in a virtual format serves as a metaphor. The work composes of the action of approaching a physical art form such as painting to represent something that is “real” which is then metamorphosed into a virtual format i.e., “unreality”. This metaphor is a signifier of the relation to the shared objective and rationalist world that constitutes the “real” and the “unreal” reality that exists in my mind. This “unreal” world is comprised of spiritual revelations, ruminations on the nature of society and morality, and attempts at gaining knowledge in the infinte expanse of void that constitute existence. My art serves as a meditative process within this internal world in which the works created are not necessarily representations of anything, but rather a series of byproducts created from the process of contemplation. 

2018 MFA in Art & Technology Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2014 BFA in Painting, minor in Art History, Pratt Institute

Group Exhibitions/Screenings/Auctions
ArtWorks Cincinnati, “ArtWorks 25th Anniversary Auction”, Cincinnati, OH
Pique Gallery, “Dream Places”, Cincinnati, OH, curated by Satellite.TV.Cincy 
Roy G Biv Gallery, “ImageOHIO 2021”, Columbus, OH
Give a Minute Cincinnati - 1 Minute Video, online (screening)
The Arts Club of Chicago, "Drawing Room", Chicago, IL
Interlochen Center for the Arts, “Faculty Visual Arts Exhibition”, Interlochen, MI
Mooch Gallery, “Spring in Motion”, Chicago, IL
Sullivan Galleries, “MFA Show”, Chicago, IL
Lincoln Hall, “SaveMoneySaveLife”, Chicago, IL curated by Santiago X
Slayer Gallery, “Neon Jewels”, Online
The Center for Contemporary Art, “2016 Juried Show”, curated by Jonathan Goodman
Palisades906, “Salon Show”, Brooklyn, NY
Mayson Gallery, “My Generation”, New York, NY

2018: Maclean Black Box - SAIC, “Panel: Situation & System”, Chicago, IL

2020-Present: @Satellite.TV.Cincy, Cincinnati, OH 

Awards and Residencies
2019: Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, WA
2016-2018: Joseph & Emily Gidwitz Scholarship - SAIC
2016-2018: SAIC Incentive Scholarship - SAIC
2010-2014: Presidential Merit Based Scholarship - Pratt Institute

Academic Positions
2021-Present: Art Academy of Cincinnati - Digital Literacy
2018: Interlochen Center for Visual Arts - INT Painting, HS Drawing for Non Majors
2017: School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Art & Street Culture (TA)
2017: School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Painting Studio: Collage (TA)

Using Format