Thomas Osorio is a visual artist. He was born in Dover, Ohio in 1991. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2007 and in 2010 began attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York for his BFA, graduating in 2014. In 2016 he worked on the Five Points, “We are Walnut Hills” mural in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati through the local nonprofit ArtWorks. He went on to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 for his MFA, graduating in 2018. After a short stint in Denver, Osorio moved back to Cincinnati in 2019. 

Osorio’s work details the subjectivity of reality. This exploration stems from his experiences with psychosis that he developed while living in New York City in 2013. It was in this state that he understood the mind’s power to distort its understanding of the empirical and the metaphysical. These questions lay the groundwork for his approach to life and how he constructs meaning in the world. The work forms as an abstraction of this concept by gradually accumulating lines, colors, and shapes to create a digital image. The artworks do not necessarily take on meaning as individual pieces, nor does one piece directly represent one thing, and another something else; rather they are a process of a visualization of thought over time. Osorio uses a combination of traditional oil painting approaches and data manipulation software. He usually works through a “glitching” process in which he takes an appropriated photo and runs it through Processing, and then collages, cuts, and paints over it in a painting software. This results in an abstracted image which imitates the altered state of reality he experienced because of mental illness.

2018 MFA in Art & Technology Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2014 BFA in Painting, minor in Art History, Pratt Institute

Selected Exhibitions/Screenings
Roy G Biv Gallery, “ImageOHIO 2021”, Columbus, OH
Satellite.TV.Cincy, “Horizon”, Cincinnati, OH
Give a Minute Cincinnati - 1 Minute Video, online
The Arts Club of Chicago, "Drawing Room", Chicago, IL
Interlochen Center for the Arts, “Faculty Visual Arts Exhibition”, Interlochen, MI
Mooch Gallery, “Spring in Motion”, Chicago, IL
Sullivan Galleries, “MFA Show”, Chicago, IL
Lincoln Hall, “SaveMoneySaveLife”, Chicago, IL curated by Santiago X
Slayer Gallery, “Neon Jewels”, Online
The Center for Contemporary Art, “2016 Juried Show”, curated by Jonathan Goodman
Pratt Institute, “BFA Show”, Brooklyn, NY
Palisades906, “Salon Show”, Brooklyn, NY
Mayson Gallery, “My Generation”, New York, NY

2018: Maclean Black Box - SAIC, “Panel: Situation & System”, Chicago, IL

Awards and Residencies
2019: Grunewald Guild, Leavenworth, WA
2016-2018: Joseph & Emily Gidwitz Scholarship - SAIC
2016-2018: SAIC Incentive Scholarship - SAIC
2010-2014: Presidential Merit Based Scholarship - Pratt Institute

Selected Writings
Art Loan: Financially Passive to Active
The Hoosier Group’s Legacy on Indiana and the World
Birger Sandzen: Celebrated Artist from Kansas to Colorado
The Shifting Sands of Art, Technology, & the Internet
Art Institute of Chicago’s, Paris Street, Rainy Day & Modernity 

Professional Experience
2018-Present: ISA Accredited Personal Property Appraiser, Art of Estates 
2016-2018: Gallery Assistant, Sullivan Galleries - SAIC
2012-2014: Studio Assistant, Greg Lindquist 
2012: Studio Assistant, Mary Mattingly

Academic Positions
2018 Interlochen Center for Visual Arts - INT Painting, HS Drawing for Non Majors
2017 School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Art & Street Culture (TA)
2017 School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Painting Studio: Collage (TA)
2016 ArtWorks Cincinnati - Five Points “We Are Walnut Hills” Mural - Teaching Artist

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