Life Updates, and Teaching!

Hello! I realized I hadn’t updated this blog in a long time, so I thought I would add something new to it. A lot of stuff has happened in the last 4 years since I updated this. I ended up transitioning to teaching at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and Artworks Cincinnati, which was a step away from the appraisal stuff. And wow! Teaching has been challenging. However, I’m finding a new enjoyment working with students who remind me a bit of myself when I first went to art school in 2010. Sometimes I feel like just being an older person who is still pursuing a path in the arts can provide an example. I think back to all my old professors at Pratt and high school, and how they seemed to show a way forward from all the chaotic stuff that seemed to be going on.

Planning classes is always a big task, and I find myself spending large amounts of time brain-storming activities to do in the studio. I feel like when you have class for 3 hours, twice a week, for 3.5 months, it adds up to a lot of planning! How do you keep things engaging, new and interesting to the students and not resort to doing the same thing every week?  All in all I’ve grown a lot through the process, and am more confident in myself overall. I don’t think I would have the perspective I do now had I not spent the last 2 years teaching. 

Teaching at the Art Academy of Cincinnati has been a great experience. The students are thoughtful, talented, and open to new ideas. Sometimes it’s difficult when a student has issues with attendance or completing work on time, but I feel like having a good balance between rules/authority and empathy are good. Artworks Cincinnati has been another amazing experience. After working on a large mural in downtown Cincinnati with Adrienne Dixon of a design by the renowned street artist MOMO, I was given the opportunity to lead a mural in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati. 

This new mural was designed by the wonderful local artist Radha Lakshmi and I’m working with my teaching artist Hanna Smith and 8 apprentice artists. It’s been such a learning experience leading a team and overall a wonderful experience! 

Other than career updates, life has been good. I have a day job at Whole Foods which is really helpful when teaching opportunities are less available. With the money between teaching and my job at Whole Foods I was finally able to save up enough money to move out of my parents house. All in all much to be grateful for! 

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